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Why you need Gnowtify? A Twitter reader for our times.

Gnowit is proud to announce the launch of Gnowtify – an app that shows you the great content and links shared by your Twitter network while eliminating the tweets, hashtags and @ symbols that clutter up your life.

Twitter is an incredible platform. Millions of people are on Twitter sharing valuable articles, blog posts and other content that you should be reading. Along with that, though, comes piles of spam – hashtags, self-promotion, and meaningless comments which mean nothing to you. Is there a way to cut through the noise? The answer, now, is YES.

If you ever wished that you could have YOUR clone spend all day in front of Twitter and save only the good stuff for you, this is it. Prepare to meet the Robo-you!

To sign up for an account, go to www.gnowtify.com

Here’s eight reasons you should be using Gnowtify:

  1. You are what you read.

Become smarter.  Read the real information from your network and not 140 characters of platitudes, insults and references to cat memes, unicorns or political slogans.

  1. Reduce your food cravings.

You will never see the delectable dishes your friends are eating ever again. No more #foodie tweets!

  1. Learn to live again.

Stop spending your time hunting through tweets looking for content gold. Get to the valuable content faster and spend more time living. Gnowtify even lets you apply filters so you can find exactly what you’re looking for! Play catch with your kids! Take the dog for a walk! Enjoy life again.

  1. Rise above the fray.

Tired of looking at tweets that add absolutely no value to your life? Stop engaging in petty quips and comebacks with people you will likely never meet. #frenemies

  1. Disconnect without the fear of missing out.

Stay connected to the content but not the chatter. No longer monitor your Twitter feed 24/7. Take back your schedule by saving articles and other content to read when you have more time.

  1. Increase your happiness.

Stop comparing yourself to others. No more popular culture references that will make you feel old.  Never see someone doing  a duck face, a dab,  or  a #bodybuilders pecs again!

  1. Slow down the pace of your life.

Tweets have a lifespan of 18 minutes.  Gnowtify extends the lifespan of the great info shared on twitter. With Gnowtify, you can relax knowing that you won’t miss out on the great info shared on Twitter.

  1. Find content that matters.

Gnowtify isolates the content that matters to your followers – positive or negative – because it has already gained some traction among them. Sharing content that adds value is the whole point, after all.

So there you have it! Eight reasons you should be using Gnowtify. To sign up for an account, go to www.gnowtify.com.

Gnowitfy is a complementary tool to Gnowit, a content discovery and publishing platform that helps you find the best content in minutes and share it in seconds. With Gnowit, you can instantly share great content to social media, an email campaign and blog or website.

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