Content Marketing Speed Hacks
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6 Ways to fill your Social Media feed when you're short on Time

I bet many of you have said something to the effect of “But I’m too busy to maintain my social media queue.” How about.. “Life is getting ahead of me right now but I can’t afford to let my online brand suffer!” I hear this…
Gnowit Launches Content Curation Tool
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Growing Your Brand Just Got Easier

Today at Gnowit Inc. we have some very exciting news - we have officially launched our brand-new content discovery and sharing tool, Buzz has been building, and now interested users can register a free trial themselves, and…
Creating a buyer persona is essential to having a good marketing strategy

5 Tips for Building an Effective Buyer Persona

Every company needs a marketing strategy, but where should you start? To build an effective marketing plan, it is important to understand your target market. A great exercise for doing so is to craft a buyer persona for your product or service. A…