Content Marketing Speed Hacks
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6 Ways to fill your Social Media feed when you're short on Time

I bet many of you have said something to the effect of “But I’m too busy to maintain my social media queue.” How about.. “Life is getting ahead of me right now but I can’t afford to let my online brand suffer!” I hear this…
Be seen as an expert

Save time becoming a Thought Leader

As we’ve progressed through the last two decades of the digital revolution, we’ve seen what was once a nascent industry become an integral part of our daily lives. Indeed, most legacy aspects of business now rely on aspects of the digital…
Gnowit Launches Content Curation Tool
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Growing Your Brand Just Got Easier

Today at Gnowit Inc. we have some very exciting news - we have officially launched our brand-new content discovery and sharing tool, Buzz has been building, and now interested users can register a free trial themselves, and…

Gnowit Makes Finding Content for Buffer Simple

If you are responsible for social media messaging for either yourself, your brand, or company, you may have found that it’s difficult to consistently find good content to share with your audience. This pain point is why we have been busy at…
Gnowit Chrome Extension
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Discovering a better way to bookmark with Chrome!

The interesting thing about innovation is that it often seems to be serendipitous. In hindsight, one can often see the exact confluence of specific events and circumstances that seemed to draw out the innovation.  It was as if it was waiting…
Easy Newsletter Campaign
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Debunking the Myth of the Newsletter

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase traffic and their following - at least, they should be. Why, then, is creating a newsletter campaign so often overlooked? Working in Gnowit’s marketing department has given me the unique…
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Make Marketing Simple, Overcome Analysis-Paralysis and Find the Best Content Fast

My favorite part of working in marketing is reading and writing content. I enjoy using my imagination and being creative far more than being analytical or strategic. I love reading the best content that provide me with inspiration for my…

Use Inbound Marketing to Attract your Audience

Have you been thinking about shifting your marketing strategy, but don't know where to start? A good first step might be to start thinking about expanding your company's reach and relationship with its following through a method called Inbound…
rss feed newsletter Gnowit

How to Improve your Newsletter using an RSS feed

By Heather Curran Do you include news items in your email marketing? Or do you find, like most people, looking for good content and copying and pasting each news article into your newsletter takes too long? Many people have decided to use…
Increase your presence and drive sales!

Why should I find and share content to engage my customers?

By Heather Curran Understanding what your customers want is key to building your business. What kind of content are they interested in reading and sharing? Where do they hang out? Most likely, they are on Facebook or Twitter. Consider this…