Creating a buyer persona is essential to having a good marketing strategy

5 Tips for Building an Effective Buyer Persona

Every company needs a marketing strategy, but where should you start? To build an effective marketing plan, it is important to understand your target market. A great exercise for doing so is to craft a buyer persona for your product or service. A…
Learning Something New
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Don't Be Afraid to Learn New Tricks

“I want you to build me a Chrome extension for our new web platform.” Recently, my boss and CEO of Gnowit Inc., Naeem Saloojee, requested that I build a Chrome extension for our new content discovery and sharing platform, Gnowit. He…
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Make Marketing Simple, Overcome Analysis-Paralysis and Find the Best Content Fast

My favorite part of working in marketing is reading and writing content. I enjoy using my imagination and being creative far more than being analytical or strategic. I love reading the best content that provide me with inspiration for my…