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Discovering a better way to bookmark with Chrome!

The interesting thing about innovation is that it often seems to be serendipitous. In hindsight, one can often see the exact confluence of specific events and circumstances that seemed to draw out the innovation.  It was as if it was waiting to happen…

Gnowit Chrome Extension

About two weeks ago, we launched an Internet bookmarking extension for Chrome.  The Chrome extension allows users to save webpages to our Content Discovery and Sharing Platform – www.gnow.it.  With Gnowit, we wanted to create a platform where users could curate great content in minutes and share it in seconds.  The Chrome extension was a logical next step in that it allowed people to curate the good content they find while browsing or that others shared with them.  The goal of the extension was to move beyond curation only and the simple sharing associated with the dominant social media platforms.

The Chrome extension has three unique features.  Firstly, we extract the primary image from the page and store it.  Next, we extract the single sentence that is most evocative of the full page – think of it like a smart summary – to help users quickly understand the value of the content (this is still a work in progress for some types of content like multimedia pages).  Finally, we also allow for users to edit the bookmarked page’s title and extracted summary sentence. This final feature – editing the extracted content – allows the users to either editorialize the content or to jot down some quick notes as to the relevancy or primary purpose behind the bookmarking.

Although this extension was built primarily for our discovery and sharing platform users, I feel that the potential benefits to users that simply need better bookmarking cannot be ignored.  For that reason, we made the extension a stand alone product where users can now save web pages and view all the pages they saved by simply right clicking on the extension icon and selecting “Show My Picks!”

Why did we do this?  In thinking about and using the Chrome extension lately, I came to realize how poor an experience the bookmarking features are on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  Who of us hasn’t bookmarked a web page to read later only to have it lost in our bookmarks or to simply forget why we decided to read it in the first place?  What good is syncing bookmarks if you never use them?

The Gnowit chrome extension allows for powerful features to now be readily available for users who bookmark but to also allow newer users to start bookmarking in an intuitive and profoundly useful way.  The Chrome extension provided visual clues from the web page itself through image extraction.  The extracted summary often provided a clear view of the content being bookmarked for what was, up until this time, an opaque or truncated title.  Lastly, the editorializing allows the user to both jot down notes from the page and to articulate the intent behind saving the page such that the content is much more meaningful for a user later on when they return to it.

Isn’t it about time we enhance the bookmarking and content sharing experience?  It was an innovation waiting to happen.  You can learn more about our chrome extension here.

Naeem Saloojee is CEO and Co-Founder of Gnowit Inc. Gnowit is a content discovery and publishing platform designed to increase your customer engagement and reach while saving you time. Gnowit helps you stay on top of your social media and news consumption, providing you with content that you can easily read and share.

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