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6 Ways to fill your Social Media feed when you’re short on Time

I bet many of you have said something to the effect of

“But I’m too busy to maintain my social media queue.”

How about..

“Life is getting ahead of me right now but I can’t afford to let my online brand suffer!”

Content Marketing Speed Hacks

I hear this refrain often, and it certainly rings true for myself as well. How can you, as a small business with limited resources, with staff members wearing multiple business and marketing hats in the same day, justify spending the extra time it takes every week to publish the best social media feeds possible?

At Gnowit, we encounter this issue every day with clients who fully understand the value of content marketing but have difficulty executing it on a daily basis. This pain point is actually the primary reason why we crafted Gnowit, our newly-launched content curation platform.

After considering this problem, I decided to write up a quick list of strategies for filling your social media feed during those busiest times in your business or personal life.

1. Re-share old articles!

There is no harm in re-sharing some old content. If you have some evergreen blog posts sitting around (“evergreen” refers to posts that should age well), now would be a good time to kick off the dust and whip up some easy ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) Tweets. Identify your best performing blog posts of the past, or dig up some old content that you think could be relevant again today.

Always try adding something topical to your Tweet to keep it fresh. Remember, this is content that you’ve previously dedicated effort toward and could use some more time to shine.

2. Pre-write a bunch!

Are you good at planning ahead? If you know you are going to be busy, or have something looming that is going to slow you down, then create a schedule of blog content to write that future-you can benefit from! Try brainstorming 3-5 amazing blog ideas to write, and make a bullet-point list of talking points (creating a skeleton of the post) to get a fantastic head start.

You can then create a schedule, using a platform like Buffer (more on them below), for what you feel would be some valuable, yet quick to publish, posts and start tapping away on your keyboard ahead of time.

3. Curate content from around the web!

A great supplement to your own self-generated blog content is, of course, the content generated by others! You can build your credibility simply by informing your audience of other things going on in your space. Your audience will love the variety of sources that you gather information from, and you can really build up your brand’s status and credibility by providing an overview of your industry at large – not focusing just on what your company is up to.

Some best practices for curating content include giving proper credit where it’s due (always link to the original article and identify the author), mentioning your source in the Tweet or post (and use the @ symbol to notify them directly), and providing a line or two of your own commentary to show your own status of authority on the subject.

Oftentimes when curating content, you will even build a relationship with the original author and get a Re-tweet or Share from a popular account! Yay for more traffic.

If you are looking for a customizable feed of content filled with smart information from around the web, look no further than Gnowit. Save your time by finding and sharing content in your space all from one dashboard, so you can dedicate your day to your other priorities.


4. Re-Tweet/Share other awesome posts!

Another great way to find key pieces of Social Media content quickly and easily is through Social Media itself! Take a bit of time each day to scan through your Timeline and identify the posts made by others that will resonate with your own audience. Remember to editorialize and let your readers know why you think this article or post is worth their time!

5. Create simple content!

Did you know, not every social media post has to link to a 3-page long blog? In fact, it’s easy to supplement your feed with simple pictures from around your office or everyday life, and these posts have the potential to generate lots of likes and shares! Whip out your phone camera during that event you attended last night, or capture your team candidly hard at work on a big project or at a presentation.

Did your SAAS product just release a new feature? Did you recently host or participate in something fun? Frequent updates about your company can show that your business is hard at work, and giving your brand a more personal touch is likely to have a great impact on your audience and engagement. Don’t be afraid to Tweet more than once if you’re proud of something, brag a little bit!

6. Get the right tool for the job!

If you’re thinking of filling your content a day or week in advance, then it should be obvious that you use a post scheduler like Buffer or Sprout Social. We use Buffer at Gnowit, and love how easy it is to schedule curated posts directly to Buffer from Gnowit’s dashboard. It’s simple and easy to pair the two platforms and fill your need for content and planning simultaneously.
Buffer’s Twitter profile is also a great example of social media blend done right – a great mix of evergreen content, great personality, live support and chats, and constant updates about new product features keep their followers interested and thinking about their product on a daily basis.

So if you are ever running short on time, then try out some of these essential content marketing hacks to speed up your social media workflow. Of course, there are countless more ways to creatively keep your marketing ahead of schedule – and we’d like to hear yours! If you have any awesome tricks that you like to go to in a pinch, share in the comment section below or Tweet @EasiestContent with your favourite! We might even add yours to our list!

Eric Voyer is a Marketing and Product Specialist with Gnowit. Gnowit is a content discovery and publishing platform designed to increase your customer engagement and reach while saving you time. Gnowit helps you stay on top of your social media and news consumption, providing you with content that you can easily read and share.

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